The Official Flag Football Jersey

Flag Football’s Best Invention:

No more mismatched tee-shirts and flag belts. The Official Flag Football Jersey – specifically engineered for flag football.

The Official Flag Football Jersey revolutionizes the game of flag football by introducing a new level of professionalism, efficiency and safety to the game through an innovative Jersey and Flag combination in the same garment. Play the game right:

  •  Waist-length jersey with strategically located Velcro attachments ensures uniform, fast, and simple flag replacement.
  •  Waist panel incorporated into jersey provides precision fit and eliminates the hassle of the old fashion, separate belt.
  • Tailored fit enhances athletic performance
  • Waist- length jersey insures uniform flag placement
  •  Officially designed, bright colored, flag for best flag pull possible
  •  Legitimizes the game the way it was meant to be played

The Jersey and Flag combination eliminates key problems that players and referees currently experience with flag football:

  • Eliminates referees need to warn players to keep shirts tucked under flag belts to prevent interference with flag pulling.
  • The banded, waist-length jersey prevents flags from being covered, hidden or out of position.
  • No more accidental flag belt detachment caused by inadvertent bumping and blocking, making the game more skill driven.
  • No more illegal play caused by intentional flag wrapping.
  • No more dangerous buckles or hardware (such as the ball and socket Sonic Boom belts and hard buckled Triple Threat belts.)
  • Flags are always located at the proper location for easy replacement, saving valuable huddle and play time.
  • The Official Flag Football Jersey is form fitting, tapered, and snug to the waist. eliminating the excess material made to fit over shoulder pads.

The Official Flag Football Jersey is an evolutionary step forward that will enhance the sport of flag football for millions of players. Combining great looks with extreme functionality, the Official Flag Football Jersey has become a huge success with players and league officials alike.

The Official Flag Football Jersey was developed by players who love the game, for players who love the game.